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ARGH. I did it again. Went AWOL on my own post. By now you all should be used to that, though. 😉

Okay, so those checked in:

Mav (Hi back, honey!! Which other forum? Email me directly to catch up!)
Lasteve – under a new alias. SA as always!!!!
CB – thanks for giving me a hard time as usual. And, yeah, I know the perfect place. Get over here!!
FF – Hey Mr Poolshark!
Southpaw – Can you at least lurk in person? 😉
Hard luck now Autoslim – I expect to see you this summer!!
Flint – Where’s your avatar?
Leto – I’m still waiting to be punished for initially omitting you (on purpose) 😉
M. Ybarra – Glad you got on. Nice pic!!
Desperado – Welcome!
DK – How was the bowling fest?
McCoy – As in the real? 😉
Ms Montana – Hey pretty lady. Can’t wait to play together next week!!!

Still absent:

Smooth – (Mav, tell him I say hello)
YB – no excuse!!! 😉
Anakin – Hello!!!

Okay now I guess I’d better say something of some substance. But I can’t. Totally taxed. Lol. Actually, I’ve been talking with Dena about some events to draw the whole gang together. I know many of us have talked about some sort of regulars recognition weekend. Really that would be so much fun. I’m back at the ranch next week so will corner poor Dena again. She knows I can be relentless…. bless her!!

And if you haven’t been checking out the blog, please do. Several of us including yours truly have contributed and there’s some pretty thought provoking stuff there.

In the meantime, I’ll try a lil harder to be more active on the forum. Yep, the loss of years of history is pretty damn tragic. I mean, I know that I posted some quality strings like the “Name PF Char Contest” and something about PBJs (the sandwich!). But truly, there was do much good info and history there, as CB and Mav said. I’ll get with the tech guys and see if they’re any closer to recovering stuff…..

In the meantime, let’s make some noise!!!! I’ll be doing my part in person when I head to the ranch next week (5/21-6/7). Hope to see some of you out there soon. Have a great summer!!!


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