Reply To: Dear Diary



I love this Allissa! All of these new threads are so positive and interactive.

Let’s see, what did I do today, growled and grumped at someone first thing this morning.. Realized another cup of coffee was in order and then it was a wonderful day.. ( I know… I got it bad)

Speacailty party with Cici and Allissa involving some olive oil.. Yah! Sooo not what your thinking

Brainstormed blog ideas with Allissa, Cici, Phoenix, Red Diamonds and Jeremy. Tried food off of the new menu. I did the cordon blu samwich.. It was good.

Got to chat with some awesome new customers, and lots of funny moments with the girls. All in all a fabulous day.

- Dena | Madam of Sheri's Ranch | @RanchMamaDena