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It’s still hard for me to accept what has happened as reality, that a world I had known for so long could be erased in a moment in time. I wouldn’t admit it at first, but this diary has been a great source of strength for me. The 12 of us… is that really all we are is 12? The rest must be voices in my head, or echos of lives imprinted on the fabric of space around me. …the 12 of us remain positive despite all that has happened; we survive one day at a time. Hunting was good this week, and the wells are all still clean. I don’t think they need to drink. I found some wild tobacco yesterday and enjoyed my first smoke in 3 months. Fuck, I needed that. After all the pyres I swore I never wanted to smell smoke again, but that tobacco tasted so sweet… Now if only James can get his still working, it’s so hard to spare fuel these days. Listen to me, booze and smoke, like everything is like it was. Don’t get sappy on me now! We all know that the only way any of us are getting through this is to remain hard. I am a stone.

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