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Boy oh boy, what a fun week! I got to have amazing parties with my partner in crime CiCi. I’m still waiting for us to be able to wear our batman and robin costumes again. Talk about smoking hot dynamic duo! I had to catch up on some sleep today and had some crazy dreams, but well rested for more fun this week. We had an amazing group of girls this week and the house jus seemed to have a great vibe, it always is a treat to be here but when you get the right blend of awesome women, it just makes this place even better. There will be a new group of girls in the house tomorrow so it will be nice to catch up with some friends and I think it will be another great week. My week will end short and I will go home Thursday and enjoy 2 weeks at home, might drive to Phoenix for a few days to visit family, and I hope my new fish is alive. Thanks for a great week and I can truly say I have an awesome job!!!!! Hugs and loves!!!! Xoxoxo

@southpaw the burger challenge is a 2lb burger with 12 pieces of cheese, 12 pieces of bacon, and other toppings. Served with a side and a diet coke, funny huh? If you finish everything including the sides and drink the meal is free and you get your name and picture in our hall of fame burger challenge. Seems cool, I still am waiting for someone to go for the challenge!

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