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31st October all Hallo’s Eve,
In ghosts and gouls you’ll believe,
A night filled with terror and fright,
Unless your at Sheris then it’s pure delight,

All the ladies dressed so sexily,
Truly is the best place to be,
Skimpy clothes showing plenty of skin,
One glance and their trance you’ll be in,

All so alluring with their devilish charms,
All you’ll want is them in your arms,
Treat them right love them true,
They will take you to heaven all night through,

No need for pillows with Red Diamonds chest,
She has a perfect spot to rest your head, :-0
As for Eva Morales soft supple skin,
Her sexy stare will draw you in, 😉

All so perfect and truly beautiful,
You night will be anything but dull,
So get down to sheris on this spooky night,
And let these goddess’s treat you to a delight.

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