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A Woman’s Vagina is Cleaner than the Human Mouth
A woman’s vagina is a self-cleansing part of her body; in fact a woman’s vagina is cleaner than her mouth. Yet some men will readily DFK a woman’s mouth but hesitate to lick her clitoris, vagina and G-Spot. If a woman is clean and doesn’t have infection, the fragrance and taste of her vulva is something many men love.

A healthy vagina is as clean and pure as yogurt says Dr. Hillier, Magee-Woman’s Hospital Pittsburgh. The vagina is by no means dirty as some ignorant people would believe. A healthy vagina is a self-regulating, self-cleaning system that is cleaner than the human mouth. The vaginal ecosystem is a jointly beneficial partnership between the vagina itself and the micro-organisms that exist here. The vagina is filled with all good bacteria that destroy bad bacteria out of the reproductive system. The good bacteria known as lactobacilli are the same organisms contained in yogurt. In a healthy vagina these lactobacilli maintain an acidic environment.

Vaginal mucus is “made up and akin to the things found in blood serum, the lucid, thin, sticky fluid that stays behind when the solid components of blood, like clot issues, are separated away. Vaginal discharge consists of water, albumin – the most copious protein in the human body – a few lost white blood cells and mucin (heavily glycosylated proteins), the oily matter that gives the vagina and cervix their greasy sheen. Vaginal discharge is not a waste product of the body like urine and feces.

The vagina is cleaner than the mouth; it has the larger and more productive mucus membrane. The mucus essentially captures and kills invading germs. It is of utmost importance that the mouth be clean before engaging in cunnilingus (brush, floss teeth and use antiseptic mouthwash).

Researchers believe the female ejaculate, love juice, sugar water or cum is produced by the Skene’s glands, which are located near a woman’s urethra and are made of tissue that’s similar in composition to a man’s prostate gland. These researchers point to chemical analysis of female ejaculate that reveals the presence of high levels of prostatic acid phosphatase (a chemical secreted by the prostate gland and found in semen). This would seem to indicate that a woman’s ejaculation is similar in composition to semen — without the sperm, of course. Female ejaculate is not pee. It’s generally clear or somewhat milky, nearly odorless, and maybe a little sweet.

Although modern science may not know exactly yet what female ejaculation is, women who experience it, and the intense orgasms that usually accompany it, are only too happy to conduct their own experiments, and direct partners with cries of, “Oh, yes, right there… THERE… Oh Fuck yes!”

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