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The exact price depends on the kind of party a client desires. A 20 minute handjob is the least expensive party. Basically a 30 to 45 minute sex party (intercourse with a condom) is very affordable. If a full GFE (girlfriend experience) is desired with light kissing, a condom covered blowjob, dental dam protected cunnilingus, condom protected sex and more time the price increases. Also if a client wants a two hour private suite bungalow party including full course dinner, alcoholic beverages, regular drinks, king size bed and jetted bubble bath then the price is more yet. Sheri’s Ranch’s independent contractor Courtesans will price a sex party custom designed for your specific desires; the cost is dependent upon the Lady selected and exactly what you expect from a party including menu items. I can promise you that you won’t be wasting your time visiting Sheri’s Ranch and I believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the affordable cost. I’ve enjoyed over 75 Sheri’s Ranch sex parties and their Courtesans have been very fair negotiators. I usually carry ample cash and credit cards since Sheri’s Ranch accepts all major cards with no surcharge.

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