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I don’t feel that anyone can have a “true” GFE and stay within the strict guidelines set up to prevent STD’s spreading.
No deep french kissing, no fingers inside the lady, no cunnilingus (without a latex barrier)! so where exactly is the GFE?

Okay true romantic dates go along way, and intimate evenings of pillow talk make one feel good. but in my opinion a true GFE has to do with the old Baseball analogy. getting to bat and hitting the ball, you move to first base (french kissing and breast massage thru clothing), 2nd base (top is off and kissing and sucking nipples, feeling girl thru her panties), 3rd base (naked, fingers inside her, cunnilingus preformed), finally home (full sexual intercourse)… okay that;s my view of a GFE, and I know that everyone has their own views.

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