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I don’t feel that anyone can have a “true” GFE and stay within the strict guidelines set up to prevent STD’s spreading.
No deep french kissing, no fingers inside the lady, no cunnilingus (without a latex barrier)! so where exactly is the GFE?

Guys, This is the road as I see it in this order.

State/County mandates, house policy and the ladies personal standards of behavior/ list of services.

State and municipal guidelines are somewhat static in nature, house policy and the ladies model/standard can be quite fluid in nature and change from time to time and/or client to client. House policy is obviously set by the management of the individual house, as a result things can change from time to time and house to house. The ladies standards are typically the most fluid and rightfully can change most rapidly.

Remember for us this is a quasi-contact sport and most of the ladies are great players but at their core these ladies are human first and foremost. I have found hygiene plays a large role, the better your hygiene the better your mileage should be. Sometimes her guidelines can change based on individual characteristics as well. For example, I was once “walked” by a lady for no other reason than I reminded her too much of an ex-boyfriend. This just creeped her out and regardless of what I wanted or was offering it wasn’t going to happen……and I respect her decision and appreciate her honest and above board approach. The nature of what these ladies do can make this a difficult terrain to negotiate sometimes….especially for them. As a result, If you have dragon breath and redneck tooth I don’t think its reasonable to expect a lot of facetime.

As a result the defination of GFE can vary from lady to lady, during negotiations you should respectfully and tactfully inquire as to your individual desires. If you leave nothing to chance your chances of being disappointed diminish greatly.

As far as confusing/conflating what is in the legal domain, under authority of the house and a matter of individual professional adjudication is a different detail. I do take exception to this specifically when I see or believe this is being misrepresented with or without intent.

My Best,


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