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I recommend you join CWMC Message Board (SIN ~ sex-in-nevada). SIN’s mission statement is: “The goal of the Sex in Nevada website is to provide accurate information on all aspects of legal sexual and adult entertainment in the state of Nevada. The information provided throughout the website is as accurate as we can make it from an outsider, hobbyist perspective. Our goal is not to promote one venue over another but rather to provide information which allows a prospective user to make informed decisions.” Also, there are CWMC Message Board members who are autism sufferers too that would enthusiastically discuss this new brothel experience with you in detail. Many SR Forum members are CWMC Message Board members too, since they are registered voters in the “Courtesan of the Year” & “Brothel of the Year” annual awards. Destini & Sheri’s Ranch are finalists for COY & BOY Awards respectively, and the CWMC-17 Awards Banquet is scheduled for July 19th in Reno Nevada.

The link for new member registration is:

In addition, there’s a post entitled “Dex’s Newbie Guide” that is an informative post to peruse. This post will help save the embarrassment of acting completely like a newbie when you arrive, lol.
Good luck & have a great time!