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Charina Lee

I have to say that we have some extremely thoughtful participants here on the forum. I think a very frustrated, judgmental person underestimated the intelligence of our guests! Perhaps another example of someone’s pre-conceived and prejudicial views of not just us ladies, but of those that are either guests of sheri’s or future guests of sheris.

The one thing I will say about sex and attitudes in our society is this: I love my 1st and 2nd amendment rights as a U.S. Citizen. I came here as an immigrant a long time ago. The personal freedom and responsibility that comes with it is amazing.

But I cannot understand how many people are raised to watch blood and guts splattered in the most realistic fashion on the big screen, knowing young teenagers are exposed to this violence all the time….But when it comes to sex, sexuality…they are FROZEN in TIME! I know people who have no problem watching someone dismembered on TV, but believe those who participate at the ranch as either courtesans, or guests, are somehow contributing to the decline of society. Amazing!!!!

And being a supporter of freedom, I do not look down on those that watch violent movies as it is their right. I am simply saying that there are many that have no problem with their children learning violence, but are freaked out by anything sexual.

Hugs, Charina…..I’m so impressed with you gentlemen!!!

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