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Amy, the Hypocrite from Hell, may have conjured up and put a devil curse on your toes!

In the film Modern Problems Voodoo Lady Dorita spreads a ring of powder (maybe Desenex) around the cursed victim’s bed to remove the spell. Alternatively the Exorcist’s Father Merrin attempts an exorcism to cast out evil demons. Take one of these cures and call the Witch Doctor in the morning.

I take exception to the quote, “may you rot in Hell,” since it’s the human spirit or soul that’s destined to spend eternity in Heaven or Hell. The humans’ lifeless bodies have either been cremated or placed in coffins for bug cuisine, so there is no flesh and blood mortal body to rot in spiritual Hell.

If Amy were truly a Christian, it would be her religious obligation to help save us from the sins that her twisted mind envisions we commit (I’ll bet she conceives some sick shit fantasies concerning brothels); instead, Amy is condemning what she determines sinners, but only GOD can judge human beings. It appears Amy has no realization concerning brothels, Courtesans or patrons, and she’s merely a judgmental hypocrite who condemns rather than prays for presumed sinners.

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