Reply To: How can you do this!



Hi all new to the boards. Char knows who i am. Tee hee.

I saw this post and had to kinda chime in. What we have here is a internet troll. This person posts negative posts to get people riled up. While the troll sits back and laughs. So if ya wanna get the best of this person. Ya slip into ignore mode. Easiest thing to do.

But i will have some fun with this anyway.


The women at Sheri’s made there choice to have sex with men. Not forced. People are allowed at some extent to do what they will or want. Can’t tell a person otherwise.

And do you think any woman would love to have a chance to be squeezed, pinched, and so forth by many men anyway? I know a few women that enjoy that thinking.

Im sure the reason why not many of the women haven’t replied. Cause it isn’t really worth there time or effort to explain anything to you. If i wasn’t bored right now i wouldn’t have either.

So other then this one last comment.

Amy i have this burning feeling in my toes. If it’s the devil coming to get me. Ya coming along for the ride with me. tee hee.