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MissAmy: WOW…. Let me just stop and take your (obviously well thought out) post in for just a minute.. No pun intended. Ok..
First of all, we ladies are never forced or obligated to be with anyone or do anything that we do not feel comfortable participating in.. That is the beauty of being an independednt contractor.. I get to decide what I want, who I want, so on and so forth..
Second of all, you clearly have no understanding of what it takes to work in a LEGAL brothel.. We are tested the day we arrive and every week that we are here… There has not been a single report of an STD coming from a regulated, LEGAL brothel since 1986.. You might want to check some resources before jumping to the conclusion that we ladies all have and transfer STD’s to our clients..
As far as all the pinching, slaping, caressing, squeezing, biting, sucking and otherwise abuse to our bodies. I’m not sure if you thought that this was another house that happens to be on tv, that portrays this line of work in a not so flattering manner.. BUT there is none of that in the bar or other public areas of Sheri’s.. Behind closed doors is another story of course 🙂 but even that is done in a way that the lady is always in charge, and is not in a degrading way..
I personally start my morning with a good workout, I like to run.. But even if I did start my morning making money doing what I like to do, isn’t that what I am here for anyway? Who are you to pass judgement on me or anyone for that matter? The last I remember, only God can judge me.. And the God I know, would never talk to anyone in such a disrespectful way and try to cover it with “concern”..
I’m going to stop myself here before I go on a crazy rant like you have.. All I can say is I hope you open your mind to what everyone here has responded with and choose to see what we do in a different light, with better information.. Have a good day..
“Who are you to judge the life I live? I am not perfect and I don’t have to be! But before you start pointing your fingers, make sure your hands are clean.”
-Bob Marley

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