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Miss Amy,

I think you need to look at life more spherically instead of through a narrow puritanical construct. If this is not an option for you please understand your austere and xenophobic approach to life is not universally accepted by all. However, if this is the way you wish to live your life by all means please do.

Your post also demonstrates your complete, and possibly hopeless, ignorance about how the ladies conduct themselves and the basic architecture of the hobby.

I know and have known many of these ladies in and outside of the confines of the house(s) and I think you would be very surprised as to who these ladies truly are.

And as to your foray into men “abuse (ing) your bodies”, I can assure you, at least as it applies to one lady, if any guy tried that with her he would wake up into the middle of next week. The ladies have much more control of their situation(s) and environment than you, as a bona fide neophyte, connote.

I can promise you these ladies are much safer and more respected than legions of alter boys have been at the Catholic Church. In addition, these ladies would have been much better stewards to these alter boys than many in the clergy as well.

I hope you can find your way out of ignorance and fear whilst finding the bigger picture.

My Best,


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