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Charina Lee

Hi Flint! As I said in my first post, it’s hard for me to speak for others. But I won’t dodge the question either. There are a lot of ladies. So I don’t have personal knowledge of many. But for the ladies that I have gotten to know over two years time…..I can say that they do love what they do. They are friendly, funny, love sex in a way that I think is healthy for mind, spirit and body!!!! They have unique talents, some hidden, some to be unveiled. So I think many of us truly bring a unique flavor to Sheris.

But as far as my experience as a dancer and an adult video actress, I would say I was more of the exception than the rule. I met so many girls that hated what they did. That truly had to “ACT” their way through their shift or their filming. They just wanted the MONEY! We are all working or doing business to make money. There is nothing wrong with that.

But when you find a lady that truly enjoys her work and is proud of what she does, you will KNOW IT!

Hugs, Charina Lee

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