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Charina Lee

Leto, you ARE funny! I just love the role of being the teacher! It turns me on to no end. Clueless 1….Deep throat techniques can definitely be learned, but a great blowjob isn’t always about that although Jolene and Eva bring up very good points!

Mouth, tongue, hands, rhythm, EYES! Oh, those eyes! Men don’t want to be stared down, but they love beautiful eyes looking up at them once in a while. I also love to stare at a man’s cock like I’m worshiping it and the moment! Attitude is going to be soooooo very important because if you truly are enjoying what you are doing, your man’s going to know it, feel it, and love it!

Just the right amount of “pressure” IS important, but everyone is different and that’s why being in a committed relationship can be so rewarding. You begin to TRULY KNOW exactly what works! I’ve been told my hand jobs feel as good as any blowjob can feel! I’ve been told that a lot….So a teasing hand job with occasional licking and kissing and keeping your lips close in a teasing way can also be a huge factor. Also, if you want to know how much pressure, a hand job can be a guiding point for your lips and mouth, teaching you a little more as to what really works best!

Men are very, very visual. They like to look…to watch…so its important to really get into it without over doing it. Don’t FAKE IT like it’s your duty! Get into the moment! Know that you actually are serving, but at the same time….have power and control over the moment! It’s a “letting go” and enjoying your results!

I swear, many times I have mini orgasms when I’m pleasing in this way!!!!!

Hope this helps!!!!

Charina Lee

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