Reply To: My first time there. Would love to have dinner with a lady.



Hi, Charina…

No!!! Not condo laws :-0!!! Heck… even the CONDO LAW-MAKERS hate talking about Condo laws ;-). Would rather talk about “C+ Programming” ;-)… or HTML programming. Yeah, I know… HTML? What’s that? Can’t even spell H T M L ;-).

Bwahahahahahahaha :-)!

Actually, I love watching professional wrestling (WWE rules!) and Monday Night Football. Hey… WWE Monday Night Raw is on. Who knows? I don’t know if you or anyone at Sheris likes watching Monday Night Raw, but maybe perhaps after dinner or something, we can watch WWE Raw.

No? Too boring? Oh, wait… how about I bring one of my screenplays and we can do a “table reading” of it ;-)?

Regardless… looking forward to the 18th.

P.S.: You thought I was kidding about the “table reading”, weren’t you ;-)?