Reply To: My first time there. Would love to have dinner with a lady.


Charina Lee

Those who know me know I have a very wide variety of interests as do many of the ladies here. I’m not the only one, believe me! These ladies are amazing as Fire Fighter has stated. But I don’t mislead either….Sometimes, by having a wide variety of interests, it becomes harder to focus on interests where one can claim true knowledge. I don’t claim expert knowledge on much, but I certainly love to listen, learn, and share ideas.

I love acting….I know….everyone now wants to know what adult movies I’ve been in! LOL! I was in a movie that won many awards at a film festival in Hollywood in 2007 called Lil Bruno!

I love Monday Night Football, I’d like to watch wrestling, but I’d also like to challenge those girl wrestlers and show them a small girl can pack a wallop! Plus, some of those lady wrestlers are HOT!!!! he, he, he!

Anyway, “Lil Bruno” would be considered an Indie movie! Independent, not backed by a big name studio, actors, etc….The directors told me they couldn’t believe how fast I learned and how well I did in the movie….I kind of laughed because I had to play the role of a stripper and dance for the mobsters in the movie, etc…..Well, that really wasn’t a tough role for me! LOL.

Looking forward to talking to you, watching TV, hanging out, sharing ideas!