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Thank you for all the love. I am not a person who take compliments very well. However the positive comments not only caused me to blush, but be truely grateful to Flint, Firefighter, and Leto for making me feel special. I could not have asked for a better way to brighten my day.

I can not wait either. I have been bubbling over with excitement and checking the website every day. Yes, every single day. 🙂 Thank you

Thank you for the sensual description of your favorite photo on my profile. I hope we can meet soon so I may finally put a face to the name. Also thank you for posting the link directly to my pictures. I am still very green on the forum and did not even think to post that link.

The new pictures were taken at your suggestion and hopefully will be up soon. Thank you for our wonderful time and all the wonderful books. Perhaps my next set of photos will show me reading one of them 🙂 I can not wait to see you again and am so glad to have met such a wonderful person.

XOX Tiffany Hilton

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