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Dear Tiffany,

I love your new photo albums! There’s a growing Ladies trend choosing cheesecake or pin-up style photos, since these images are very risqué but still leave something to the imagination. In addition, they can be viewed by any audience since the snapshots are not pornographic. It’s a wise decision to avoid total nude photography, since people copy Internet photos and they may materialize at the most inopportune time in the future.

Tiffany, my personal favorites are album 3 photo #2 where you’re wearing a sexy baby doll, high heels and intellectual stereotype glasses; you look positively precious! Then I melted when I viewed album 4 photo #3 where you’re wearing a sheer black dress sans underwear and high heels projecting a very sensuous demeanor. This frontal view accentuates your magnificent breasts and super shapely legs. You are magnificently gorgeous my dear! I like your new hair color, but you looked fantastic as a red haired foxy Lady too!




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