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Mr Paul,
The Ladies can only access their email while physically at Sheri’s Ranch. They have a limited number of Sheri’s Ranch computers available for the 25 plus Ladies on duty and the Courtesans don’t have much free time; in addition, the Forum and email are frequently down due to frequent website updating, so replies are naturally slow.

The limo ride is free to you, but not the Ladies. The Courtesans must split the party proceeds with the house and the limo driver, so negotiations are very limited in these instances. It’s better to rent a car at the Las Vegas airport and stay at Sheri’s Ranch Hotel for a few days. Then you will have plenty of time to make a connection with several Ladies and not feel rushed.

You can check the Ladies schedules by clicking on the “Ladies” drop down menu (which is second from the left on the red stripe below the Sheri’s Ranch heading) then click “Weekly Lineup,” “Scheduled Ladies” or “All Ladies” on that menu. The “Weekly Lineup” is the current roster of Ladies on duty, “Scheduled Ladies” will provide a list of Ladies Scheduled to work within the next couple of months, and “All Ladies” will provide you with a longer range list of Ladies by entering specific dates; however, the complete list of Ladies for a distant future date usually isn’t 100% accurate due to unanticipated changes or emergencies.

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