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The cost of a Sheri’s Hotel standard room is $75 weekdays and $85 weekends, but you receive a free room voucher for every minimum amount party. You may upgrade to a suite for an additional $20 weekdays and $40 weekends, but a reservation is recommended. These certificates can be accumulated and saved for one year before expiring. Sheri’s Ranch is 60 miles from McCarran Airport so cab fare would be approximately $150+ one way which is prohibitive, since you can rent a car for $100 per day. If you become acquainted with local residents at Sheri’s Sports Bar, there are some who will provide transportation for around $75 one way since it’s a 120 mile round trip for them. You may even inquire on Craig’s List. If you elect to use the limo, the limo driver will drop you off at Sheri’s Ranch for an extended Hotel stay and provide return transportation later.