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Dear KimmyD,
You bet I will show up showered and clean for you especially! As a matter of fact to prove I get my body squeaky clean, you may shower with me for verification, lol! I enjoy showering with a woman anyway and we can wash each other’s back too; old guys have less flexibility making it difficult to reach their backs without a shower back brush, lol! I usually stay at SR Motel so I can shower, shave and brush my teeth multiple times for the Ladies (the water is free and I don’t have to wipe down the shower either). I use antibacterial Dial shower soap and scrub with a wash cloth, since it removes a man’s odor causing bacteria where ordinary scented shower soap fails. Whether I recently showered or not, I always shower again in a Ladies room while she makes her run to the office to book a party. I’m susceptible to heat rash so I shave my underarms and pubic area routinely; plus that procedure double duties since hair is notorious for absorbing and trapping odor. Body odor is a definite romantic mood breaker and I wouldn’t want a Lady to think I’m an ogre!

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