Reply To: Not Good!



Mr. Paul,
Courtesan Sadie previously appeared at the SL, but now she’s at the CR next door to SR. She may provide information about her previous brothel, but she left under somewhat adverse conditions. Also, there may be a slight problem since there are only three SL Courtesans regularly scheduled and you can’t tell much from their brothel photos. They don’t provide a biography or profile either. SL is approximately 150 miles (2.5 hours) north of Las Vegas and 105 miles (1.5 hours) north of Pahrump so I probably won’t have time to visit them anyway and after further consideration it seems like it may not be worthwhile (directions: take HWY 160 from Pahrump NW toward Yellowhand Avenue then turn left onto US 95 and follow the signs – no Limo service available).

The LRS is located near Crystal approximately 40 miles from SR (directions: take HWY 160 from Pahrump NW then turn left onto Crystal Road). LRS has a total of twenty-three Ladies scheduled for future dates, but they don’t appear simultaneously.

Also ACH is approximately 46 miles from SR (directions: take HWY 160 NW and turn left onto US 95 to Amargosa Valley). ACH has nine Ladies available at various times.

The CR located 100 yards north of SR usually has ten Ladies available.

SR has thirty-five Ladies appearing soon, and twenty-seven concurrently. Bottom line, the other brothel’s Ladies certainly don’t compare to Kimmy in beauty, charm, congeniality, intelligence and sensuality so why would we look elsewhere! Furthermore, it’s impractical to drive to another brothel when Kimmy in addition to twenty-six additional gorgeous Courtesans are available right here at SR!