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You’re reviewing Ladies in the “All Ladies” section, and some of them haven’t appeared at SR in years. I’ve been visiting SR since 2008 and I’ve never seen Hailey Ann, Kaycee Rivers or Staci-Niccole.

You must check the Weekly Lineup from the drop down Ladies tab for the Courtesans currently at SR. http://www.sherisranch.com/lineup.aspx

Also, from the Ladies tab check the “Scheduled Ladies” for Courtesans appearing within the next two months. When you pull up the individual Lady’s Official page by clicking on her thumbnail photo, check her schedule. http://www.sherisranch.com/comingsoon.aspx

The taller Ladies who will be appearing at SR in the near future with the passionate quality you desire are Phoenix, Tatyana, Ashlee, Amber Lynn, Olivia, Logan, Angelica, Fabienne, Tiffany Hilton, Amy, Michelle, Char, Eva, Suzanne, Kat, Sara, Emma, Shiloh Renae and you mentioned CiCi. Brandy Lynn is not currently scheduled but appears infrequently. You must really chat with the Ladies to find the Courtesan who strikes your fancy. You may make a connection or instill romantic chemistry with one or more of these gorgeous women and they would be the potentially more passionate Ladies for your erotic desires.

Also, during your discussion in the Sports Bar be candid and tell them what you expect from a party; that is, do you want a GFE (girlfriend experience), kissing, fellatio or cunnilingus oral sex, intercourse and etcetera. Some of the Courtesans don’t kiss since herpes, hepatitis and tuberculosis can be transmitted through saliva. Also, condoms are required and if a Lady consents to cunnilingus a dental dam must be used.

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