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If you use the limo service, which you maybe referring to as the “shuttle”, it maybe complimentary but I can assure you it is not free. Should you choose this option upon arriving at the ranch you will be a known “limo” client to the house. As a result any lady you party with will be tasked with recovering the cost of the limo service to the tune of 30% of the negotiated rate. As you might imagine “complimentary” could get very expensive quite quickly.

Do yourself a favor…rent a car and make the drive.

In addition, in recent years, the house will provide you a gratis hotel room if your party reaches a certain pecuniary threshold ( Don’t worry the figure is not over the moon.). My advise, call the ranch and inquire within about this detail. If done right a rental car and free room will be a much better construct than taking the guided tour.

As far as your query as to any time constraints, I’m not sure, but I’m sure there is some metric in place which keeps the limos running for the benefit of the house and the greater good 😉 .

Good Luck.

My Best,


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