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Welcome! Our home page shows most of the girls that will be available that current week and if you see the tab that says search this weeks line up, it will give you the full line up. Ranchmama is normally very good about updating it regularly so if another lady pops up without being scheduled she will add them to the line up and the only ones missing maybe a new girl because she has not got her picture done yet. It will change each week so you if you are planning a trip for a later date you can go to the tab that says view all ladies and enter the dates you will be here and it will show what ladies are scheduled for that time (again it may change but is normally right the week of your arrival) There are a couple different ways to meet a lady. You may come into the bar and the hostess will greet you and ask if you are there to meet the ladies, we will then approach you one by one to lure you to our room. You can meet everyone or go when you feel comfortable. You may also have a line up and all the ladies will be introduce themselves to you in the parlor and then you go back to her room to negotiate. Some people also email ladies or come in with a list of ladies they want to meet and the hostess will let those ladies know. I hope this helped! Have fun!

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