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Eva M

Newdude: It depends on what you mean by “way” of doing it. I’m actually familiar with many different “ways” of doing it. If you’re use to only doing it at night in the privacy of your room you could try doing it during a morning shower or outdoors on a road trip or camping (some of my favorite).

Adding a little massage oil or lube can make it a interesting and very enjoyable. You can focus on running your fingers along the length of your body and not just your goodies. When you’re so turned on by what is going on (as you should be since it’s completely normal and sexy) you get to take charge, so to speak, and grab your man meat to have fun.

Varying grip, strokes, pressure and your hands are all great ways of trying different “ways” of self satisfaction. Or maybe rather than gripping yourself, try using both hands and gently rub them together so that you can feel it getting warm without starting a fire.

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