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I can’t sleep and I have some time to kill before work so I’ll give this a try. Keep in mind I’m still pretty novice so its going to be a looonnnggg list. I guess I can split this into categories, too, so here it goes;


-Woman police officer and cuffs
-Cowgirl (if its not too uncomfortable the boots and hat should stay on)
-Sexy Mime (This is rare to find in porn but two years ago a friend of a friend arrived at a Halloween party dressed in a mime costume and I found it very sexy. I tried get a date with her but was just a little to drunk and I was unsuccessful)
-Indian (Both Native-American and Eastern attires)
-The girl wears a baseball cap (I don’t know what it is about these three)
-The girl wears sunglasses
-The girl wears glasses
-Leather (Just once to say I have. I don’t really have a huge leather fetish that I know of yet)
-Doctor and patient
-Medieval Princess
-With the Devil
And I’ll think of more for this category in the future, trust me. I love costumes.

Now for something a little more daring; Public Sex:
-Sex on the Beach (I’ve been to a nude beach and don’t mind taking my clothes off there -but I haven’t done this yet)
-Sex in my car
-Sex at a Swingers Party (I’ve been to a swingers party twice but I’ve learned that I really need to bring a date if I want to do anything. Still had fun there, though. Where else are you really allowed to watch others have sex in front of you?)
-In the desert
-In a forest
-In the snow (I would probably regret this one)
-On a boat in the middle of the ocean
-In a moving vehicle
-In a Jacuzzi
-In front of a window of my house or some office building

Other fetish stuff:
-Romantic Evening in a log cabin (only candle light, snowing outside and a very sensuous time spent)
-Body painting (My ideal with this is influenced from a video I’ve seen that Veronica Avluv stars in where she is almost completely covered in red paint with tiger-like stripes)
-Bondage and Domination might be fun at least once. We could take turns.

Well, that’s what I’ve got. I better get busy on it but for now its time to go to work.

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