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I agree 100% with Flint. You can email us and you may also come into the bar and chat with all the ladies if you dont want the pressure and intimidation of a line up. Sometimes you may miss a few in the bar so a line up does bring out some of us from hiding but you can always ask the hostess to speak to any ladies you had in mind. Staying at the hotel is a great idea whether you want to have a few parties or one longer one and need time to recover and its great weather to hang out by the pool! If you are able to rent a car it is not that far from Vegas and you can have the freedom to leave the ranch as you please if you are staying overnight at the hotel or if its not a possibility to drive our limo is very helpful. Most if not all ladies at the ranch do not discriminate, especially age so please dont let that hold you back from sharing time with the lady you want!


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