Reply To: The Forum is Now FIXED



The EDIT function is not working properly, and not at all on threads where I have made multiple posts. The system should only show the last EDIT and not a list of edits. Also, it is not an edit until someone replies. The system inappropriately indicates an edit for changes made immediately after the initial post when that is merely a spellcheck or grammar modification and should not be recorded especially since there have been no replies.

When I sign-in to the Forum, the system often signs me out again so I can’t post. After finally being allowed to remain signed-in, either the system doesn’t accept my post or states it has already been posted when in fact it has not.

There is no reason to conceal posts from guest users; a member must sign-in to view all posts which is unnecessary.

Comments cannot currently be posted to Sheri’s Ladies’ BLOGs. This BLOG comment section is working intermittently. I have made several BLOG posts and when I sign-in a day later they have disappeared.

The Ladies’ Official Page reviews system is problematic too. There should be an EDIT capability. The STAR system must be changed, since currently one STAR represents multiple numbers. Only one single number should be represented by each STAR. Ladies have received unintentional downgraded ratings since if the left side of the fifth STAR is clicked it will indicate 4.5 instead of 5.0. Oftentimes the Official Page will indicate I have already posted when in fact I haven’t. Also, I have on occasion posted a Lady’s Official Page review and it does not appear.

There should be a detailed help topic or screen to facilitate posting.

Also, we should have access to the old Forum posts, so we can repost some of those classic threads. Does a hyperlink exist for this purpose.