Reply To: The Forum is Now FIXED



The “Fixed” system is not fixed and it sometimes does that same thing to me. I’ll click submit and my post does not appear but my verbiage is gone. I try again and the same thing happens. Their system is erroneously detecting something from our computers. Their settings are distorted and it’s affecting our ability to post. I have had this same thing happen on the Forum threads, Ladies’ BLOGs and the Ladies” Official Page Reviews. Aaron stated that sometimes the Forum & Ladies Official Page Reviews detects a post as spam or a duplication when in fact it is not.

Now I use a free program from “CCLEANER” to clear out my system. Then I access from the Control Panel Internet Options, General tab and click delete browsing history. Following that I reboot my computer and then reboot my Internet modem (actually turn off the power and turn it on again). Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t.