Reply To: Thinking of Moving To Nevada. Need Advice…


Charina Lee

1loveKristi; Pahrump has great homes for sale and about one hour away from Las Vegas. I moved to Las Vegas about 8 years ago. Let me address Las Vegas first and dispel some things that people should consider.

Vegas had 39million visitors last year! That means that the tourism industry will always be pushing “the strip”, and the “crazy” side of vegas because the economy depends on it. In 2007, when the economy and housing got hit so badly, there became a much bigger push to diversify the economy (these plans were already in place after 911, however, they really started to be implemented with true seriousness, after this last recession hit us so hard.

Vegas would be well advised to also let the rest of the world know that “Sin City” has a side that should be called “HEAVEN in DISGUISE”. Let me explain: As far as culture and the arts, we have the newly built Smith Center for the Performing Arts.

The Cleveland Clinic is an example of how Las Vegas has started to attract the very best in medical research and treatment:

Downtown Las Vegas is rising…and one of the most fun places to visit as an alternative to the strip. Both las vegas “strip” type fun is there along with tremendous restaurants, cultural events and of course, Fremont Street Experience.

What “outsiders” never hear about and should is that Las Vegas has phenomenal neighborhoods. There are parks everywhere! Some parks, like Sunset Park, are larger than many entire villages in some areas of the country. Vegas is very good at “beating itself up”. You’ll find a lot of “were not good enough at this, or that”, but not enough info about what’s great! And there is plenty of GREAT!

An hour outside of Vegas is Mt. Charleston (still Las Vegas, as Vegas is a huge area). Red Rock Canyon and Bonnie Springs area to the west. Boulder City and gorgeous little towns like Nelson Nevada to our south and southeast. Lake Mead and all that surrounds it to our east, along with the Valley of Fire, where episodes of Star Trek were filmed because frankly, once there….you think you ARE on another planet. And of course, only an hour away is Pahrump and the best brothel in America, and a great place to live.

Everyone focuses on the hot summer, but I say its easier to cool down than it is to warm up. Except for part of June and all of July and August, part of September….the weather is so awesome. 100 degrees without humidity feels like 85 to me! But I’m not going to fool you…July and August can get pretty tough! But the reward is many, many months where you’re still outside doing things instead of inside waiting for spring to come!

I could go on and on. I haven’t even touched many aspects of living in and around Las Vegas. This is long enough. Let’s just say that “The Strip” is one of the most amazing places in the world, but it does not “represent” LIVING IN LAS VEGAS. To me, the strip is 10 percent of a very, very, large “town” that can actually offer a small town feel and a great place to live!