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You make some good points Firefighter. over the last 21+ years dealing with brothels along I-80 I watched Cunnilingus virtually disappear followed closely by french kissing and even to some degree open mouth kissing.
The ladies (some not all) along I-80 seem to accept some rudeness and even treat customers rude to some degree.

I am aware that the ladies cannot and will not negotiate prices outside of the house, however I am going to be on a budget (since I am on a business trip and will have limited funds available to me) is it possible for me to mention a general amount so that i will have an idea if the lady I choose will accept me? I don’t want to simply arrive and have such a low amount that the lady refuses to spend some time with me.
I am aware that these ladies are far more refined than those I have been with and I am sure their prices are on par with that. I do not want to arrive and seem insulting or to leave completely turned off, so I am using this (and trying to talk with those scheduled to work) to try and make sure all know what to expect from me and what I am looking for…

Does this make sense? while communicating thru this media I am “NOT” asking ladies to quote prices but I am telling them what I like and that I will be on a budget (thought to this point no prices have been named to any lady). any advise would be helpful…

I have seen a few ladies under “all ladies” but none seem to be scheduled at all this year, are some listed no longer working for one reason or another?

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