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I mentioned certain rules and regulations in generalities and rather basically, and I assumed that you probably knew most of the taboos since you had patronized the I-80 brothels; however, there are newbies who read the Forum that may not know, so that was for their benefit.

The Sports Bar and client’s appointment or lineup entrance have separate outside doors. There exists no fence or gate buzzer surrounding these entrances like other brothels. The client’s appointment and lineup southern entrance is locked but answered upon ringing the bell. The Sports Bar Restaurant northernmost entrance is always unlocked and you may enter to dine, drink and meet the Ladies who regularly relax therein. A hostess will usually greet you upon entering and cater to your requests. The Sports Bar Restaurant is a local favorite, so there are many adults who patronize the facility for food, drinks and playing pool only.

When conversing with the Ladies at your table in Sheri’s Sports Bar, I believe it’s appropriate to inform the Ladies who you are interested in spending special intimate time together that you are on a budget and not a high roller. This saves both of you the time normally spent strolling to her room and back for a failed negotiation. When you arrive at Sheri’s Ranch for your visit, you may inquire the office staff concerning the minimum party amount that qualifies for a complimentary night’s stay. This figure is a starting point for a short party and the cost increases if you desire several specialty sex menu items or extended time. The Courtesans are independent contractors so their menu prices may vary slightly; although, their parties may be quite different too. Sheri’s Ladies, management and staff are very cordial and I have never found them to be rude in any way.

Sex Menu: http://www.sherisranch.com/sex-menu/

The Hotel: http://www.sherisranch.com/hotel/

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