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The fact that you have emailed her and you are still interested, is a plus in your favor. I would let her know you will be making an appointment to see her when you are next in town, with a time frame of when you would like to see her, and then make your appointment a few days before you see her, unless she tells you she is really busy. Most aren’t. That’s what I usually do when I make appointments, that way I don’t have to change days if something comes up, such as arriving too late in Vegas due to a delayed or overbooked flight.

Remember you are under no obligation to party with the lady, once you get there. There is always the chance you might not click, or her rates might be too high. Most likely both of you will hit it off, especially if you have communicated with each other for a while. Out of the seven ladies that I have exchanged dozens of emails with, and made an appointment to see, only once have I not partied with that lady, and that was because of her rates. It wasn’t all bad since the same lady recommended another lady to me who she thought I would like based off our emails and was in my price range, and it was a great party.

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