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Kimmy D

This post took some deep though and I still can not say hands down my ONE single favorite. (I love Super-Heroes)
For the sake of this blog post I have chosen Elektra, pretty much because she is an all around Bad-A$$!! While Elektra is not as widely know as some of the more recent heroines appearing in the stream of Marvel movies, she is more than noteworthy.
Elektra is a NINJA. As if that is not enough she carries Sai, or daggers. She is somewhat telepathic and she can move in the shadows and even in daylight virtually unseen. By the time you see her it’s too late! (if you haven’t seen the movie WATCH IT) She is literally mesmerizing!
Plus she has similar taste in men, namely Wolverine.

At the risk of taking this too far, I am so excited to see how the new SHIELD tv series turns out! I do hope to see my girl Elektra in it. If you plan on attending the Halloween Party this year at Sheri’s You just may get the chance to meet her!!

XOXO Kimmy D

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