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Dear Amber, Kimmy & Charina,
I’d like to be Spock. The Vulcan mind meld would enable us to share one another’s thoughts while physically joined making love. In that way we could ultimately satisfy each other with lasciviously pleasure since we could sense our lover’s most intimate desires. We could bestow upon each other climactic lovemaking in a hedonistic journey to the planet Vulcan’s Utopian Pleasure Palace thereby transcending Nirvana. In addition, the transporter unit would facilitate instantaneous travel to romantic locations. I could be in your rooms within seconds ready to embark on erotic adventures to exotic places. Peer under your beds, I may be there right now, lol! We could spend the night wherever you like on a whim, and nobody would have any idea of our scheme. Invisibility isn’t necessary if one possesses a speed of light transporter unit.

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