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    Amber Lynn

    You learn something new everyday! I want to edify you even more with a new exciting and occasionally erotic word of the day!  

    Please join in the fun and further expand your lexicon…it will be FABULOUS!

    Summit a word, but make sure to include a legitimate definition. If you are feeling like an adventurous vocabularian I Double Dawg Dare you to use it in a sentence!  

    (Note: this thread is the brain child of my forum friend YB Goode…amazing idea!)

    [kal-uh-pij-ee-uhn] adj.
    Having well-shaped buttocks.  
    Origin: 1640–50; < Gk kallipýg(os) with beautiful buttocks; referring to a statue of Aphrodite.

    #WordoftheDay @SherisBrothel

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    Automatic Slim

    On the original thread I suggested the word “peradventure.” Not necessarily an erotic word, though I suppose it could be used in an erotic context. It is an adverb that means “perhaps” or “by chance.” It’s a rare word and has a pretty sound to it, I just like the word. Amber I hope this fits the theme of your topic. Apologies if not.


    Amber Lynn

    Its perfect! You are right it is a great wourd, and has a fabulous full when you pronounce it!

    Words dont need to be erotic just fun…random, and uncommon!

    Thank for participating!


    Amber Lynn

    I have loved this would for a while now…it’s fun to say, and posses a bit of spunk and pizzaz!

    [kan-tang-ker-uhs] adj.
    Disagreeable to deal with; contentious; peevish.

    I tend to become a bit of a cantankerous little vixen, if I do not get my morning coffee!



    Amber has asked me to share an Aussie word with you all. Australia has a lot of weird and wonderful slang so it’s hard to pick just one.

    [ga-laah] noun.
    Fool, silly person.
    Origin: Australia – named after the bird of the same name because of its antics and the noise it makes.

    “You’re such a galah!”


    Automatic Slim

    I learned this word many years ago when I lived in Louisiana. “Lagniappe.” Pronounced lan-yap. It’s Cajun french, means something extra, the icing on the cake. I bet the ladies at Sheri’s could classify some of the things they do as “lagniappe.”



    Ephemeral– living or lasting but for a day, short-lived, temporary”),

    Examples : that cactus flower that blooms for 3 days is ephemeral. I wish Greenday’s music career was ephemeral

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    Bird is the word. I thought you heard? Everybody knows about the bird.



    Pierced, and I say this with utmost respect, you are demented.




    Example : I wish I could find Chipotlaway in real life

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    Coitus (co•i•tus noun \ˈkō-ə-təs, kō-ˈē-, ˈkȯi-təs\)

    A man and woman performing the sex act. The act of coitus is the natural method by which conception occurs. The physical union of male and female genitalia accompanied by undulating movements and explicit verbalization including moans, squeals, gasps and screams. Warning, passionate kissing, erotic licking, sensual biting and fingernail digging may spontaneously occur.

    Synonyms: fornication, coition, copulation, intimacy, lovemaking, sexual relations, screwing, sex, sleeping together, fucking, impregnating, baby-making, sexual bonding, interlocking reproductive parts or genitalia melding.

    Sentence example: Whenever I dream of sensuous Amber Lynn, climactic coitus is on my lustful mind! XOXOXO



    : Apodyopsis
    Definition: the act of mentally undressing someone, imagining someone naked.
    Pronunciation: apo-DI-opsis



    Antidisestablishmentarianism. I spelled it, you look it up.



    Amber Lynn,

    Do you know the word that corresponds to “callipygian” that refers to breasts?? I must add that one to my vocabulary as well.


    Amber Lynn

    lascivious [luh-siv-ee-uhs] adj.

    inclined to lustfulness; wanton; lewd
    arousing sexual desire
    indicating sexual interest or expressive of lust or lewdness



    I have heard of that one before.



    @roswell Chipotlaway love it.

    Twitter: http://twitter.com/@TheVegasAaron


    Amber Lynn

    Waggish [wag-ish] adj.

    Humorous in a playful, mischievous, or facetious manner: “a waggish riposte”.


    Amber Lynn

    thank to everyone for playing…I feel edified on so many levels! I love it!

    antidisestablishmentarianism [antidisestablishmenta´rian`ism] n.

    the doctrine or political position that opposes the withdrawal of state recognition of an established church; – used especially concerning the Anglican Church in England. Opposed to disestablishmentarianism.



    coquette [koh-ket] n.

    a woman who makes teasing sexual or romantic overtures; a flirt or tease

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