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    Being still somewhat new to the LPIN scene, I have only been fortunate enough to visit a handful of brothels. Although, there are many similarities between them, Sheri’s Ranch is truly in a league of its own!! 🙂 😉

    So, to help kick-off this sexual campaign, I decided to start this topic!! 🙂 10 Reasons Why Sheri’s Ranch Is My Favorite House

    In this thread I will be (in no particular order) giving my top 10 reasons why Sheri’s Ranch is special to me!! As I write this, I am sure I’m not alone in my profound enjoyment of this lovely establishment, so feel free to join in on the festivities!! 🙂 😉

    With the conclusion of the NCAA Tournament and the MLB’s Opening Day right at our doorstep, Sheri’s immaculate sports bar has to be at the top of my list!! With plenty of the flat screen TVs and all of the well priced booze you can handle, I can’t think of a better place to spend half-time!! 😉

    So, now the question is yours!! What makes Sheri’s Ranch your favorite house??

    I will continue to add my thoughts as they develop and as always I look forward to reading responses!! 🙂 😉




    Mr Perdue:

    Excellent post.

    But seriously, I only get to name one?????? OK. Will start there

    #1 I love sex. And there is tons to be had at Sheri’s

    You will have to wait to hear further reasons. Unless you care to read one of my previous blogs about why I love my life at Sheri’s. But I’m not tech savvy enough to provide link (I have other skills). Dena, however, is a technical wizard and has promised to post link when she has a chance to call Aaron and ask him how to.

    Meanwhile, what are your reasons?



    Kitty Cat

    I love it because I can meet women an men from all over the world an believe
    me, everyone has a different story… an then the fun begins!

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    Charina Lee

    I love Sheri’s because we are treated so well, and encouraged to be our sexual selves and provide an experience to those that partake, that they will remember for a lifetime and come back for more! A place for safe, sexual fantasy, where fantasy can meet reality!!!!!!!!!!




    I’ve personally had the pleasure of sharing over seventy-five sex parties with gorgeous Sheri’s Courtesans, so my knowledge is first hand.

    Sheri’s Ranch is the premiere brothel in the State of Nevada for a variety of reasons.

    Sheri’s Ranch is in an isolated area at the end of a dead end street, so only Sheri’s Ranch clients and patrons travel it.

    There are at peak times 25 Sheri’s Courtesans available which is more than any other brothel in NYE County. It’s at most times as many Courtesans as the other five NYE County brothels combined.

    Sheri’s Courtesans are the most professional and gorgeous Ladies in LPIN (Legal Prostitution In Nevada). Sheri’s Courtesans won the Courtesan of the Year Award for 2011 and 2012. The voting includes all of the LPIN Courtesans in the entire State of Nevada.

    The SR Sports Bar and commercial type Restaurant is the most popular in Pahrump and it’s a local’s favorite. SR Sports Bar’s alcoholic beverages, soft drinks and the Restaurant’s menu prices are very reasonable. SR was voted LPIN Brothel of the Year for 2011 and 2012 and is currently a finalist in the 2013 voting.

    There’s a pool table available for billiards enthusiasts. A note to prospective partiers is that playing a game of pool with a Courtesan is an excellent icebreaker.

    Brothel clients don’t need to be nervous or hesitant about visiting SR because locals and clients regularly patronize the bar and restaurant where a few Courtesans are present without any pressure to party. Sheri’s is not an automatic lineup brothel that sometimes embarrasses clients but lineups are available upon request if desired.

    Sheri’s Hotel is the largest and nicest of any NYE County brothel, and the rates are very reasonable. Some of the other brothels may have only one guest room available if any.

    Sheri’s offers Hotel certificates for a minimum amount party.

    Sheri’s Ranch Courtesans are independent contractors and party negotiations are straightforward and effortless. Party prices depend upon the Courtesan desired, type of party i.e. GFE, PSE, Dominatrix etcetera, number of individual menu items selected, time specified, and whether it’s a Bungalow suite, Specialty or Courtesan bedroom party. SR partying is more reasonable than most of the other LPIN brothels.

    There is a large rear courtyard for Hotel guests’ use that includes a swimming pool, hot tub and volleyball or badminton court.

    No other LPIN brothel offers anything that Sheri’s Ranch doesn’t have available for party clients, Hotel guests and restaurant & bar patrons.


    Heather Lynn

    Really nice post, Purduefan! There are just so many reasons why I love it here. Sheri’s is a great place to unwind and have a great time. It’s where the magic happens! 😉



    I love it because we get to explore all of our own fantasies as well as those of the people we are intimate with in a safe, secure environment



    Sheri’s is great place because of all the extremely hot ladies!



    Why thank you, Char!! 🙂 I agree, a love for sex is reason enough and Sheri’s is definitely the perfect “place for the job”!! 🙂 😉

    Thank you for joining us!!

    P.S. From your many lovely reviews, I would say you are a very skillful lady, indeed!! 😉



    You know, it’s strange but my answer is exactly the same as Char’s…My favorite thing about Sheri’s is also that “Char LOVES sex!” 🙂

    I’ll provide a little Tech assist, and set up a link to the rest of the reasons that Char loves working at Sheri’s…enjoy!

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    Charina Lee

    There is sooooo very much that I love about Sheri’s….But it is an added bonus for someone like me that truly LOVES SEX! I don’t think I’m a nymphomaniac, but I do have to say……I can orgasm just THINKING about an encounter!

    If one is “born” with a true desire for sensuality and open minded about their pleasure….both giving and receiving….then Sheri’s is SUCH A WONDERFUL PLACE!



    It Should be Everyone’s favorite house because of the Amazingly Hot Women that provide Wild and Willing Sex upon desire…Have you looked at our lineup? So, there are many more than 10 reasons for it to be your favorite house!!

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