A Blissful Charina Lee Saturday

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    Ms. Lee asked me to do a review about my experience with her last Saturday, and I’m happy to oblige. The title to this post is indicative of how it was to me.

    So, Nightwish walks into a bar…

    Charina is a very special woman. Even though we only had a few hours to get to know each other, there were things she shared with me which showed how caring and beautiful her soul is. It would be a certain impropriety to tell all, so I’ll maintain confidence of our more intimate discussions and happenings.

    Intimate. This is one of her stellar qualities. When Charina engaged her attention on me, it was all about our time being happy where ever and whenever it was, and being with her was all you would ever want. Charina is a lover. She lets you in, and not just a little nibble, metaphorically of course. She can make you feel as though you’ve known each other for a long time, and that in itself is an incredible skill and characteristic. Looking into Charina’s eyes will reveal deep pools of hypnotic liquid happiness. I never needed to see another thing after making eye contact with her. However seeing her in anything tight will challenge your concentration. Trust me on that one.

    Focused. Even though she had a keen handle on all the goings-ons around her, she displayed the uncanny ability to stay focused and engage me in talk while being aware of things happening in the bar, and room hallway. Charina shows mastery of with-it-ness. Seeing her devilishly sexy smile can immediately flood you with a feeling of intoxicating joy; it was impossible not to smile in return.

    Accommodating. Charina is a creative, flexible and talented lady in ways that can catch you off guard in the best of ways. Beneath her perfectly soft smooth amber skin is a woman of numerous skills, along with a firm woman’s musculature that satisfies not only the need to caress, but the knowing of her tight and curvacious energetic body! When she asked me what I’d like to drink for our party, I asked for Sangria. The bar didn’t carry that, so she made us Sangria with some fruit and red wine that came with our bungalow package in the 60’s room. This girl is a ‘Swiss-Army Courtesan’!

    Approachable. Charina is a warm, gentle yet fun and sultry, perhaps even spunky, gal. She never lets you feel uncomfortable or unwelcome. You just want to walk up to her and give her a hug. Her way of talking is down to earth, direct and yet fun and never off-putting. When she smiles, it’s from ear to ear, and the look in her eyes is always whispering “come hither”. Wait, did I mention she’s fun to be around?

    Passionate and Energetic. Charina Lee can stop time. Once the party gets going, she will make you feel things so deep and so strong from within yourself and from her; you’ll wish that it will never end. I really mean never ever end. The moves she uses, the things she says and sounds she makes… I’m telling you, OMG. Hold on, I need to calm down a little (Smiling wildly). This is probably that time I need to stop describing things for fear of waxing salacious or breaching confidential parts of our party.

    (clears throat) I had the best time ever thanks to her. I plan to return, and hopefully party with Charina again as soon as I can.

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    wanted to party with Charina, but most likely too little time and dollars……



    My professional suggestion is to save it up and schedule for an experience of your lifetime with Charina.

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    she’s on the list.

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