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    i am wondering if changes on schedule changes alot i mean if i am planning to be in town on specific days will more ladies be added to schedule as that date get closer?



    There are definitely last minute changes to the schedule from time to time. Girls who can’t make it are removed and girls who want to fill empty spaces who show up. Additionally some of the ladies are having scheduling issues due to a server hiccup a little while ago. Be sure to check Ladies News and Schedule for changes!

    I hope you have a ton of fun when you visit.



    You could search by date to date specific and it shows how many ladies are working on a specific day. Like May 5 to May 6 or whatever.



    i already did i just wanted to know if the numbers of ladies will change as the day get closer



    No way to tell that. there tends to be aorund 24 ladies scheduled. You can always call the office if you are looking for some specific or to make an appointment.




    There are a maximum of 24 Courtesans appearing at Sheri’s Ranch simultaneously. Sheri’s Ranch is licensed for 24 Courtesans and 24 Courtesan rooms are available for the Ladies. Management will schedule between 15 and 24 Courtesans depending on the anticipated demand for specific dates. The schedules are relatively firm two weeks in advance; however, Courtesans must occasionally alter their schedules due to previously unforeseen events.

    If you have a Courtesan chosen, it’s best to “Send a message” from the link on her official page found by clicking on her thumbnail photo to verify that she’ll be there on a certain date.

    Alternatively, you may send her a Twitter Direct Message if have her Twitter handle.
    Twitter Ladies @SherisBrothel



    Yes, it is best to confirm with a lady – if you have a particular one in mind – through email so that you know she will be there and expecting your arrival. As much as the Ranch tries, there are some times that due to computer glitches or our individual situations, they aren’t always perfect at arranging appointments. Always remember though that we are unable to answer emails unless we are on premise. As Firefighter mentioned, another way to reach out to us is through Twitter. We are able to answer those messages even while we are away so you can verify schedules a bit easier.

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    Unfortunately all of us are not on twitter and I would prefer not to discuss any party details on it.

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