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    I need some advice from someone. I have never been to a brothel before. I have e-mailed several of the ladies. They have all been really friendly and great to “talk” withI’m finally gonna’ take the plunge in late March. When I get there I’m only gonna’ get to enjoy the company of one(maybe two, if I’m lucky)lady. I really don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Maybe that won’t even be an issue but it’s something that I’ve thought about. Am I overthinking this or not?




    We ladies are friendly competitors and understand that different things attract our clients to different people at different times. Please don’t worry about hurting our feelings when you choose one lady over another. As long as you are sweet to us all in conversation, you will find happiness returned to you – no matter whom you spend your private time with!



    Hey Jazzmark007 I understand your feelings, it is hard to make a decision on who to chose. This is your decision to make, you can’t be worried about others feelings – I am sure the ladies are used to being in this situation. It is who you connect with that makes the difference and the ladies will understand.

    I am going to Sheri’s soon – I can’t wait. Hope you have a fun time!


    Phoenix Daniels

    Hey @jazzmark007 – This is all about you! When it comes to choosing a lady at Sheri’s, the only things you need to consider are who you feel most comfortable with and who you think will fulfill your needs and desires best. Our feelings will not be hurt – I promise you!

    Of course, there are always creative alternatives… One time a wonderful gentleman couldn’t choose between @BlueEyedMontana and me so he booked us both for an entire 24 hours! Ooooh, was that bliss. Or, you can always come back for seconds with someone else.

    Most of us are friends here and very open – you don’t have to be monogamous at Sheri’s!



    Trying to find that right person(s) to connect with can be difficult. Remember that the lades are professionals. They will understand if the connection isn’t there. My suggestion for you is that you NOT put pressure on yourself. If you don’t make any promises to the ladies you are in communication with then you wont hurt their feelings if you don’t party with them. When you get here just relax. When the hostess greets you explain to her what you would like to happen. ex.. you have a list of ladies that you have been emailing and would like to speak to them. She is here to help you. Remember that communication is key with the hostess, as well as with the ladies that you connect with, to make your experience as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.

    I hope this helps you. 🙂




    The list was a great idea. Can I talk to the ladies one at a time? Or does it have to be in a group? I know this sounds like really simple stuff but I am a complete “newbie”.
    Thanks for your help.



    In addition to putting No pressure on yourself, decide on exactly what you would like and communicate it to the ladies.

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