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    Akira and Destini, a 2 Girl Safari

    So after many years of getting to know Destini and Riley, I came out to Sheri’s on this trip wanting to have a 2 girl party with them. Unfortunately early in the trip Riley had to go home to attend some personal business and was unable to return. In speaking with Destini about what I had planned, she said we could always find another girl. To which I replied: or I could just go with you. Destini said we could do that but either option is open; I had already let Destini know I wasn’t looking for a party right then. So, just in case we tossed a couple of ideas around for other ladies currently working.

    Enter Akira on Day 4 of my trip, who I never met before. I was working on a water gun battle outside that afternoon that Hailey Leigh helped orchestrate to have Tristen, Pretty St. Pink, Akira, and she participate in. I was able to buy all of them but Akira a drink that day. The next day I was sitting at the bar with Destini and Akira came in and sat in one of the booths. I was ready to ask Marci to put a drink on the wall for Akira when Destini stopped me, invited Akira over and had me offer the drink directly to Akira. It was the three of us for awhile then Destini excused herself and I continued to talk with Akira at the bar for what was easily a few hours about music, board and video games, tattoos, etc. Somewhere in the conversation I must have mentioned what happened with Destini and Riley and what Destini had mentioned as an alternative. Akira indicated she would have an interest if so desired.

    Early the next morning I met Destini in the sports bar and told her what had come up with Akira, who hadn’t started this trip yet when we talked about the possible ladies the 1st time. Destini said she would definitely be down for Akira if it worked out.

    After Dinner, I was just sitting in the bar observing for a bit when Akira came in and sat in a booth. A little while later, she moved to another booth. A few minutes later I noticed her struggling with what I presume was a phone jack. I went over and made a comment or two which led to me sitting down, buying her a couple of drinks, and talking with Akira for a number of hours. We took a break at one point to play billiards which we both apparently were lousy at but finished the game out. We sat back down in the booth and it must have been about 10:30pm when I decided to tell her I had mixed ideas; I wanted to take her back to her room but I had also been thinking about taking her with Destini, not a new concept to either of them as it had come up during the week with both of them. Akira looked over at the bar and said to me that Destini is right there, would I like her to go get her. I hesitated and then agreed to have her bring Destini over.

    Akira went to the bar to get Destini and they both came back to the booth and Destini wanted to be brought up to speed. Akira and I explained what I was trying to decide to do and with a little coaxing I made the trip down the hall to the ladies’ rooms, Akira on one side and Destini on the other. They asked each other where their room was and it was decided we would go to the closer room, Akira’s room.

    Destini could see I was nervous which surprised her since I had known her for so long. She made it easier by asking the right questions. The party I had in mind was going to be a little new for me which is what made me hesitant and I have to admit there was a point or two I was thinking I may not follow through with it. Destini kept asking the right questions and worked me through my concerns. Both Akira and Destini established tactfully what they don’t allow. Obviously, all three of us came to an agreement or this review doesn’t exist.

    We made the trip to the office to take care of the official stuff. Afterwards, security would take me to the Safari bungalow and the ladies would follow in about ten minutes after they got whatever they may need from their rooms.

    Once Destini and Akira arrived, we were able to get started with the party. Both are very beautiful and caring women. The party went past midnight and a little into the next morning. As the party wrapped up I said good night to both Destini and Akira. Being a good bit buzzed, I staggered back to my room, got undressed and turned in. I only slept about two hours, probably about enough to let the alcoholic buzz wear off and then I was awake. I was so awake that I got up and dressed, opened the blinds, it still wasn’t light out yet. I was hungry so I made a sandwich out of grocery items in my room then worked on my trip review a little. I never did go back to sleep that morning, but I sure did get a lot accomplished.

    Being so ecstatic about the quality of party that Destini and Akira provided I would highly recommend either or both for a walk to their room and down memory lane.



    Never been to the safari bungalow. I think about partying with Destini but it has not happened.



    Good sex should invigorate the body and energize the mind. Sounds like you had a fantastic experience and it carried you through the rest of the day. Bravo to both Destini and Akira.



    It really was a refreshing and reviving time spent with Akira and Destini.


    young nerd

    Daauumn boy!! That’s lot a paragraphs to read. You must be having a lot of free time.



    Sure did have a lot of free time right after only needing 2 hours of sleep from having a fabulous party with Akira and Destini. It gave me about 5 or 6 hours extra time time being awake that day.

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