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    it was an attack of conscience like i felt like i was doing something wrong (friends i know look down on prostitution) but after making further attempts to find a gf around where i live, still no luck just trash that live around here that want a sugar daddy so yes i will be going to sheri’s ranch in 3 weeks. no matter what my friends say about it. i’m pretty sure there are better women at this establishment anyway.



    Good decision, matt. let us know how it turns out. I hope to be there in late summer.



    i will, and that and some people i know whom are friends are fine seem to have the idea that all women who work at this place are trash. i disagree. lol they are jealous that i have found something far better then a relationship, and some of the women on here i’ve talked to have been nothing but respectful of me 🙂



    Yay! Don’t let others stupid judgement stop your fun!



    Lock and load Jax… have a kick ass time and be sure to let us know how things went during your stay.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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