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    what exactly is the process a courtesan goes thru before they can start work? I am assuming they must arrive a few days before they are suppose to work and submit to an exam. how long does it take for the results and what happens if its a positive (even a false).

    Does each room come decorated or do ladies store their property at the ranch while they are away.

    Maybe I am over the line here but I am curious how all this happens.


    Amber Lynn

    @mrpaul No worries your not quite over the line…LOL!

    Once we ladies arrive at the ranch we see the doctor, the next day we clear and are ready to play!

    Here at the ranch we all decorate our rooms accordingly to our own taste, and keep all of our decor in storage while we are away.

    That pretty much somes it up in a nut shell…hope it helped!



    Shoot I was thinking there would be a weeks wait at least.. (it takes a minimum 3 days to get drug test results for a DOT pee test before cleared to drive a semi truck)



    Sometimes there is an additional delay if a Lady must renew her Courtesan license, but that shouldn’t amount to more than one weekday. This would usually be done concurrently while a Courtesan awaits her lab test results.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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