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    I’m planning on visiting the ranch for the first time soon, and a couple of ladies have caught my eye. I’d like to meet them first to see how we hit it off before deciding who to party with. Other advice on this forum has said that making a reservation is the best way to ensure that a particular lady is available when you visit, but it would seem to me that making multiple reservations really wouldn’t be fair to them if I’m not planning to actually party with each of them.

    Any advice?



    Hi avgjoe!
    I would suggest emailing the particular girls that your are interested in and start getting to know them through email. Then, if you still have a few lady’s that your interested in, I would suggest that you request to speak to them personally when you arrive at Sheri’s. You are correct, making multiple appointments is bad brothel etiquette. I hope this helps, and please ask any more questions you may have!



    Multiple appointments and canceling all but one is bad manners and freezes blocks of ladies time.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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