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    Hello, all! I’m planning a trip to Sheri’s at the end of the month and after doing some research, I think I would prefer the “speed date” approach of the bar as opposed to the line up (as for making an appointment, I think it would be hard to choose. A few different ladies interest me). If I call ahead of time, will the house let me know a certain lady’s shift for the day?



    the office should know. You could request certain ladies come to the barIf they are not there), when you are there if they are not having a party or preparing for one.


    Angel Parr

    Yes, the office will know but as flint said she will come to talk with you at any time, regardless of her shift.



    Many times I think it is best if you have a list of the ladies that interest you and then try to work with the hostess to have them appear. However, be careful of this speed dating method if you are coming in at odd hours. Some ladies do not answer bar requests like this if the time is really far out of her comfortable work zone. I also don’t think you would want to come in and have the lady so unprepared that you don’t get her at her best.

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    Regardless of their shift for the week, if you are in the bar during normal hours (approx. Noon-7 PM) you will likely see most of the ladies at some point or they will come out to talk to you if requested. The ladies travel here from all over the country, so their daily routine may take them to their room around 7-8 PM local time unless they have an appointment.


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    Hi Kaiser, It’s best to email the lady you are interested in and ask her if she will be there


    Angel Parr

    The ladies travel in yes but once here for the week they dont leave so the location they came from means little, but yes if you are in here around 7pm, most of the ladies will either be out already or will come out quickly to speak with you!

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