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    Char: A Beautiful Time

    On the first day of my trip to Sheri’s, Char was at the end of the bar and greeted me with a very warm sounding welcome. As I was waiting for the office to be able to check me into the hotel, Char came over to the booth that Deadpool and I were sitting in and talked a bit. In that time I learned that she usually likes room number 21 that one of the younger ladies already had when she got in for this trip so she chose room number 8 instead. I jested that the other girl probably just picked the room number matching her age since it actually was the same number as her age. Char gave me a look and indicated that sounded good and that would make her 8. I hadn’t thought that far ahead and wasn’t quite sure how to react but took it in stride.

    It was day three of my trip and I had not partied yet so in the early afternoon I decided to go into Sheri’s sports bar and ask for Char. It took a little while and she entered through the black curtains. She asked if I had called for her and I said that I did. She seemed a little surprised, sat down, and asked what I asked her out for. I said I thought I’d try out the 8 year old instead of the 21 year old. It took a moment before it registered and then she realized I wanted a party. We went back to her room to negotiate a party, which Char helped along by asking the necessary questions and we came to an agreement that worked for both of us. Since the timing was not good at the moment we set a time for a little later which would be better and I went back o my room to relax for a bit.

    I went to the bar a little early and the shift manager knew why I was there and apologized that Char would be a little behind the scheduled time. I was cool with this knowing that things happen. When Char came into the bar, she walked right over to the table where I was and asked to sit beside me. We talked for a while and got a drink from the bar. She asked if I was ready and I nodded my affirmative.

    Taking the walk back to her room for the second time was very calming. We arrived at her room, went inside, sat on the couch and talked for a little, found some more common ground then we had before, and before I knew it, Char was taking the initiative to start the party. She is a very beautiful and skilled woman. I had wanted a vanilla GFE type party and she accomplished that and more, exceeding the expectations I had. The party certainly was not rushed and afterward she took time to talk a little more. She freshened up and so did I and it was back to the lounge to let the shift manager know how everything went. I told her it went so very well. The shift manager looked at me and said I especially like the way you smiled when you said that and that she would expect nothing less of Char.

    Char has an excellent way of tuning into what it is you are looking for and being able to provide that for you. She is also very capable of being able to help guide the party along, which could be helpful if you are a little timid about something. Char fits the saying: A lady in public, an animal in the bedroom. I had a beautiful time with Char and would recommend her to both novice and experienced alike.

    Char helped me out on this trip by loaning me a book to read during the down time periods of my trip: Lee Child’s “Never Go Back,” a Jack Reacher book. It had 69 chapters; a rather interesting number for this vacation.

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    Excellent review. Char is definitely a great beauty and accomplished professional. Many people can be intimidated by her naturally classy poise and style. But I have never seen anyone who interacts with her express anything less than a thrilled response. She is on my list too.



    Cronos, Char is an excellent choice for a party, but be prepared for her to be a little late if it is booked ahead of time. The reason for this is a very good thing, in that Char doesn’t rush her parties and provides one with a fantastic experience. 😉




    Just seeing this now. It was a wonderful time we had, and I thank you for being so gracious (and for returning the book via Dena, lol!). Hope to see you another time in the not-too-distant future.


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